User Guidelines:

  • Perfect Profile

  • How to get maximum likes, followers and views?

  • How to become a creator?

  • How to get verified?

  • How to get promoted to different user levels?

Perfect Profile:

A perfect profile will always have a huge impact and attracts a lot of users. Is your profile a perfect one? If not, then follow these simple steps to make your profile perfect.

  • Upload your HD Quality photo as your profile picture

  • Put your original name with a decent font style as your username. Make sure that your middle name is a part of your user name.

    For example if your name is Kontham Sai Saket Reddy, A perfect user name can be

    • Saket

    • Saket Reddy

    • Kontham Saket

    • Sai Saket

    • Sai Saket Reddy

    • K Sai Saket Reddy

    Avoid writing user name as:

    • Stunning Saket

    • $|

    • ☮💗 𝔰𝐀𝓚єţ 🐜♖

    • ʇǝʞɐS

    • ₴₳₭Ɇ₮

  • Make sure to fill the bio section. In Bio Section, you can either talk about yourself or your profile or your talent.

    Avoid these in Bio Section:

    • Personal Information like Mobile number

    • Other social media links of your profile

    • Vulgarity, bad words or religion hatred lines

  • The last and foremost step of creating a perfect profile is to be active. So, keep active on Jalsa platform for at least 5 days in a week.

How to get maximum likes, followers and views?

Follow these simple steps to increase your followers count, likes and views:

  • The first step is to create a perfect user profile

  • Post at least 3 to 5 videos on a daily basis

  • Make original videos and select it from comedy, emotional and trending ones as they are loved by everyone

  • Make sure that the video uploaded by you is having HD quality, and your own watermark on the video.

  • Share your videos with your family, friends and your network through our 1-tap share button

  • Use perfect hashtags for every video that you upload

  • Participate actively in campaigns, and contests run on JALSA platform

How to become a creator?

As the name suggests, Creator is all about creating content. If you want to become a creator, then you need to follow these rules:

  • Create a perfect profile

  • Create original content on the JALSA platform

  • A minimum of 20 original posts should be done on a monthly basis

  • Use particular hashtags based on your videos

  • Participate in the different campaigns and contests of JALSA

Once you do the above listed things, our team will review your profile and promotes your account to creator.

How to get verified?

Verification is something every user loves. Based up on your performance, you stand a chance to get verified. For verification some of the mandatory things being:

  • You need to be a creator or influencer or OGC or celebrity to get verified

  • You need to have a perfect user profile

  • You need to have a minimum follower count of 500 to get verified

  • User should be of Level 3 or more

Once you match all the criteria, then you can apply for verification through verification portal by submitting the required documents.

How to get promoted to different user levels?

The below table shows you with the different user levels and how to get promoted to next level:

Level Posts Posts/Month Followers Quality
Level 1 / New As soon as a user joins, he/she will be automatically placed in Level 1. N/A N/A N/A
Level 2/ Beginner Normal posts or original posts anything works 20 Posts in a week to promote to Level 2. N/A N/A
Level 3/ Intermediate Original Posts (80%) 20 Mandatory Posts per month >100 High
Level 4 / Specialist Original Posts (80%) 30 Mandatory Posts >1000 High
Level 5/ Expert or PRO Original Posts (80%) 50 Mandatory Posts >5000 High
Level 6/ Influencers/Celebrities/ Journalists/Some social media fames/Politicians As the name suggests any Influencer or celebrity or Journalist or politician or any other social media fame join our community, then they will be directly placed in Level 3 upon verifying the documents. N/A >N/A